The only place in Poland with typical Siberian tundra vegetation. Sounds intriguing? So come on!

The peat bog at Zieleniec consists of two parts: the bog and the Black Marsh. Originally the reserve occupied an area of about 85 hectares, in the interwar period it was increased to 220 hectares (then it was decided that wooden footbridges and observation tower would be built); today it eventually reaches a size of about 270 hectares. Its age is estimated at about 7,700 years – peat bog is a relic of the ice age with the landscape typical for tundra formation, and the peat layer reaches from 3.5 to 9 m in depth.


There are 100 plant species growing in the reserve. We will meet here: three varieties of sundews, cotton wool, dwarf birch (which we find in only 3 places in Poland), peat mosses, common turmeric, bilberry, cranberry mud, peat bog. The spruce forest, larch and heather are growing around the reserve. There are also animals to be found here: deer, black storks, snap lizards, grouse, grouse and vipers. The reserve is part of the Protected Landscape Area of the Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains and is protected under the Natura 2000 network. Under no circumstances can you tear down or destroy the plants found here.

The high peat bog lies in the peak part of the Bystrzyckie Mountains, at an altitude of about 750 m. Throughout the reserve there is a green trail and a nature trail with 6 stations and a lookout tower.

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From Zieleniecwe may reach the reserve where we will start our adventure from the point of the Orlice hostel – from there the green trail will lead us to the place. From Duszniki-Zdrój, planning your hiking trip, the easiest way is to follow the blue trail towards Rozalia Hill, then go to “Pod Muflonem” hostel and continue on to the Biesiec Mountain, where you will catch the green trail – turning right to the peat bog. Travelling with your car, set the GPS coordinates to 50o20’50.20 “N / 16o24’31.28” E – we will arrive at a small parking lot from which we will be able to go on foot.

The walk through entire reserve takes about 1-1.5 hours. The views (especially in the fall) compensate for every effort, but it is best to see that on your own.


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