There is a place in Duszniki that you simply cannot miss during your stay in the city. A cult-like mountain chalet with incredible views of the Stołowe Mountains  and a panoramic view of the entire spa resort.

Its origins date back to the first half of the 19th century, when Dr Mogalla initiated the healing fashion with mineral water, milk and whey in the town. Just below the summit of Ptasia Góra (745 m), a few meters below the Libuszy Way, he created a breeding farm, turning it from dairy into an ordinary mountain inn.

The place itself changed its functions several times – at the end of the 19th century it was a tourist inn, after the World War II it became a cruise house, in turn, PTTK became a mountain shelter after being taken over by PTTK.

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“The interior of the hostel was interesting: with stylized tables, chairs, carved chandeliers, tiled stove, collection of antlers and Silesian plates. The hostel before war offered 20 accommodation places, goat milk, fresh cookies and beer from the Duszniki brewery?.

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At the end of the 19th century, a lighted toboggan run was built next to the hostel, where you could slide down to Duszniki. In addition up to the 1960s, the ski lift was also nearby.

The centre was initially called “Liebe Stille” (“Nice Silence”), but the patients quickly changed it to “Stille Liebe” (Quiet Love). Today’s hostel name comes in turn from the antler mouflon that hangs just above the buffet.

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Currently in the hostel we may find accommodation in 14, 2-6 person rooms. We may also use the gastronomic offer of the restaurant, as well as the rental of bicycles and cross-country ski equipment. ?Pod Muflonem? is above all an important spot on the cultural map of the city. This is where concerts, exhibitions and important social gatherings take place.

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From the centre of Duszniki the easiest way to reach the hostel is going up to Wiejska street, then following the blue trail. By going along this route we will pass, among others, Rozalia Hill, where hermits once lived. From Zdrój, in turn, the easiest way is to hit the yellow trail, going along Podgórska Street and then Górska Street.

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Trivia # 1 In 1955, Fr. Karol Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II spent a night ?Pod Muflonem?, travelling with a group of friends towards the Kłodzko Basin.

Trivia # 2 Bolko ash is growing by the hostel, planted in 1866 and declared a natural monument. Beneath its crown one may find a spectacular view of the city.

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