10 things to do in winter

Winter period is a special time in Kłodzko Basin. Specific microclimate makes the snow last much longer than in other parts of the region.

This is a subjective list of activities which you should try during your winter stay in Duszniki-Zdrój:

1. Go crazy on the slope! Prepare funny costume and cover a designated route in big style as part of the event “Ski straight down.”

2. Attend night skiing in Zieleniec. Schuss till 10 pm accompanied by a romantically falling snow and lantern light. You cannot miss this!

3. Taste pierogis in the Pod Muflonem Hostel. In winter they taste even better than usually.

4. At the Zieleniec ski station, use the Nartorama ski lift, get to the very top and after a few minutes set your foot on the Czech side.

5. And while we are on the subject of the Czech Republic – don’t forget about a local treat – Czech beer, which you will find i.e. in the Masyrkova Chata.

6. However, if you are avid for unforgettable adventures – choose night running on the premises of Duszniki Arena complex. Lit routes will allow you to enjoy cross-country skiing long after the sunset.

7. Necessarily visit the Christmas Market (18 December 2016) combined with the festive Christmas Eve dinner for the residents. Who knows, maybe among the stalls and stands displaying local craftsmen’s pieces of work you will find presents for your nearest and dearest?

8. Take advantage of the rich cultural offer and attend one of the events organized each year (Town New Year’s Eve, the Grand Finale of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Winter Guitar Festival).

9. Participate in a genuine sleigh ride organized cyclically by Panderoza Ranch or Gryglówka Resort. Explore the countryside while having fun!

10. Come by Dzień Dobry Café for Suszki Kuracjuszki – a tea with dried fruit, which will warm up both spirit and body even in the most frosty weather.