We visit: Podgórze All it takes is just a few hundred meters from the spa area of Duszniki-Zdrój to move to a completely different world. Ready for a short trip?

Podgórze, located at the height of 580-620 m a.s.l. It is the administrative district of Duszniki-Zdrój although originally two separate villages were located within its territory. In the nineteenth century this charming “end of the world” was famous for crystal grinders, flax workshops and water mills, which quickly took over the role of inn, attracting through this the patients from Duszniki.

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“On Saturdays and Sundays it became crowded with visitors of therapists, who were attracted especially by the miller’s wife?s excellent pastries.”

It is worth to know that at the end of the 19th and early 20th century Podgórze developed its summer functions, giving numerous accommodation to tourists coming here (one of the most frequented mountain lodges was “Margarita”), although it was only winter career that allowed this place to expand its wings. The existing two ski lifts, a bobsleigh and toboggan run quickly found winter sports fanatics.

From the city centre it is easiest to reach Podgórze, following Zielona Street, leaving the Black Pond on the left. Lush spruce and mixed woods, as well as extensive meadows and characteristic wooden buildings, will not let us miss the fact that we are here.

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First thing we?ll see on the left is the unusual Sudeten cottage with red shutters. And this is just the beginning of an adventure with breath-taking architecture. If we add scenic glades to this, between the houses, as well as old weathered pensions, we will have an excellent view.

Going south, we arrive at the baroque chapel from 1707, which houses a beautiful altar and paintings on glass. And further towards Rancho Panderoza – a climatic resort where you can go horseback riding. On the way we will also reach the position of European paternity (a plant of the glaucoma family, in Poland it is under strict protection) and following this route we will reach the Road to Happiness, leading to Zieleniec.

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The hustle and bustle of Podgorze is an ideal alternative to more haphazard, tourists routes. Just for a moment to completely forget oneself.

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We visit: Podgórze

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