Winter season in Zieleniec What a great winter we have, what fabulous conditions! Even though we cannot complain when it comes to the weather at this time of year, it did exceed our expectations.

The Christmas-New Year period has only ended now. We had great (white of course) Christmas in Zieleniec and we welcomed New Year with splendour. But winter time is characterized by the fact that subsequent events and occasions occur fast one after another, thanks to which one may note with certainty that winter season in Zieleniec is only getting up to speed and starting to blush with its frost and its snow.

Winter holidays have just started. Guests from subsequent voivodeships start to arrive. And rightly so, as the complex is truly perfect for winter rest. Slopes of ski station in Zieleniec, Ski Arena, are so diverse that most likely everyone will find something for themselves-both those experienced ones and the youngest and beginning ones who are only starting to learn.


Among 27 lifts in Zieleniec one may also find belts. What are they? For some of you T-bar lifts are a nightmare of the past. This seems a natural and often met thing. But modernity has found a cure for fears related to the first steps while skiing-these are belts which lift the skiers to the top of the slope. You don’t even have to hold anything or sit on anything. All it takes is to stand on the belt and everything takes care of itself later on.

But Zieleniec is a whole bit of other attractions for the youngest: various events, contests, tournaments, special actions, but also the offer of our hotels, hostels and spa centres. Winter holidays which last from the 16th of January to the 26th of February (successively two weeks for individual voivodeships) are indeed a unique time in which combining leisure with active forms of spending free time (skiing, skiing and one again skiing) may be nothing but pleasure in the Zieleniec ski station.


The skiing and tourism infrastructure is consequently developed in Zieleniec. Last season, a new bench-type lift was built in Meszko centre, whilst this season two subsequent lifts were handed over for use-T-bar lift and belt one, which to a large degree will contribute to improving the comfort of ski learning.

As we noted previously, Zieleniec places quite a large emphasis on education, not only for the youngest ones, but also for those who wish to gain first steps and subsequent skills of skiing and snowboarding art. Numerous ski schools operating and being active in Zieleniec as well as ski instructors take true care about lifting the level of awareness regarding adequate and safe use of slopes and skiing. Ski learning is supported by four belt ski lifts which are an additional guarantee of safety.


Detailed lift schedules, availability of ski routes and current conditions are available on internet website of ski station and on profiles in social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Winter season in Zieleniec

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