Summer in Duszniki!

Dusznik-Zdrój. Unique spot on the Lower Silesian map of attractions and adventures. Teaming with life for the entire year city and its vicinity are a full range of leisure possibilities Summer, even though it reaches these areas rather late, is full of heat, rich nature and microclimate which is not to be found in other places of this region.


Starting from the May weekend, a vacation-leisure peak lasts in Duszniki. There is a lot of green areas not only in Zieleniec but also in Zdrojowski Park, as well as mountains and hills surrounding Duszniki. Importantly, the noted warmth rather unusually means heat- as the tourists of Duszniki experience heat quite rarely which we also owe to a unique climate.


Duszniki-Zdrój is available for everyone. Families will feel at home here- there are numerous attractions for the youngest available here, while the surrounding mountains (Orlickie, Bystrzyckie and Stołowe) are perfect for family adventures. Also all those who expect a little more sport activity and excitement from life find themselves well in Duszniki. Longer mountain hikes, mountain cycling or ski roller are just some of the ideas for spending every minute of one?s stay.


Duszniki did not forget its spa and wellness tradition. Most beautiful Park Zdrojowy with a fountain, grove and rich flora awaits the visitors not only in summer but also in uniquely presenting itself autumn and spring.


Even though Polish mountains are not the highest of all, it is worth to remember that the aura here likes to be changeable and dynamic. Storm, even though an undoubtedly fascinating phenomenon, tends to be very dangerous in these areas, especially in the open spaces of Orlickie and Bystrzyckie mountains.


Summer in Duszniki is filled with beautiful colours, possibilities of effective rest which we are missing so much nowadays and delicious views. To get away for a walk along a wild trail towards a peatbog in towards secret outskirts of Blue Rocks are just some of the ideas. And there is a multitude of them in our neighbourhood of which you may read on this website.