Dolny Śląsk. Kotlina Kłodzka. Duszniki-Zdrój.

Poland is an exceptionally beautiful country. Beauty in different parts of it is obviously defined differently. And wherever you look, geographical regions, wonders of nature, history and architecture … You can count to infinity.

There are many spots which are prominent on the map of Poland. And for each one of us these favourite places will certainly be different. However, we must honestly say that it is Lower Silesia which in the subjective ranking remains in the leading group of regions.

Although the Sudetes? peaks are not as high as the Tatra Mountain peaks, and the castles and palaces are not as popular or spectacular as the Malbork fortress, Lower Silesia reaches the highest position when it comes to intensity of indicator, which consists of passion, history, tourism and everything else which is beyond mere description with words – you just have to see it.

It is no different if we take a closer look at the Kłodzka Basin and Duszniki-Zdrój. 5 “elements” that decide about the tourist image and popularity of these lands are present here at every turn and at any time of the year. What is most fascinating about them is that there are often elements that are not entirely obvious, allowing for a  field of action for our imagination.


Sport. In this case, the sport values of our region don?t really need any recommendation, especially in the winter time. The skiing slopes of Zieleniec are full of life until late in the evening. But Duszniki Arena is not the only place where the best biathlon players will be competing in Europe. Sport in Duszniki and surroundings takes a variety of forms, such as skiing on less popular routes and trails in the Bystrzyckie or Orlickie Mountains. This is a true adventure indeed! There are places around us where we can be sure – we will not meet anyone. And winter adds a lot to its charm. All the more so, this year?s aura is really great.

Tourism. Another “element”, which in winter also shows its beautiful face. Although in this place we should all have the red light switched on at the back of our head. Winter is a beautiful, especially in the mountains, season of the year. And although our mountains are not the highest of all, one may get lost or cold here as well.. So let’s go up in the mountains – no matter whether we go up Orlica, to the Peat bog or into the wild of the Bystrzyckie Mountains with a lot of sense and a very well equipped backpack. Routes are often impassable, which significantly hinders and prolongs their overcoming.

Tourism has, however, another important, exciting and unique value in Duszniki. This is the part with history in the background. Strolling through the area, you can reach into the depths, read and follow the trail of local residents, events and what remained after them. Ruins, monuments, secrets this is an open and endless book that is the essence of all five elements.

Culture. Kłodzko Basin and above all Duszniki-Zdrój stand strong in their culture. There are many concerts, festivals and recitals which take place in the resort (details in the events tab). But culture not only in this form has imprinted and continues to imprint its stigma. It is also rich and historic architecture, which in part survived the difficult years of the first half of the 20th century. It is worth to get to know it, read about it and move even for a moment to the time when the resort and the whole area were experiencing its glory years.

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Nature. Today mostly hidden under the white snow, yet still visible as picturesque mountain landscapes, snow-covered domes of fir-trees, which are every now and then being shaken by a stronger wind. But not all game has fallen into winter sleep, and quite often one can meet many frost-resistant representatives of different species. It is worth to go far from urban buildings and deep into the picturesque surroundings, look for and hear the signals which nature – also in winter – sends to us.

City. Duszniki-Zdrój in winter coat has no less charm than in summer or during the colourful autumn. A walk through the Park Zdrojowy, a visit to one of the recitals in the Theatre, a romantic dinner in one of the charming local restaurants. You do not need to rush, you do not need to chase. You can go a bit slower, stop or just keep strolling. It all depends on us. After all, we must find time, leisure, reflection and a free moment …