Chopin’s Festival

The Festival, which was created to honour the performances of Fryderyk Chopin in Duszniki, is the oldest in the world, uninterruptedly functioning piano festival. The first edition took place in the year 1946 and since that time every year it has been increasingly popular among the composers, as well as the audience. Since 2001 the festival has been supplied with the workshops for the six ablest young pianists.

Spa Theatre

The Fryderyk Chopin Spa Theatre, together with the remaining parts of Park Zdrojowy, was built in 1802. The theatre was named after the composer Fryderyk Chopin, who in 1826 stayed in Duszniki-Zdroj as a patient of the contemporary sanatorium. The theatre constitutes the centre of cultural events in the city – except Chopin’s Festival, there are also: Mendelsohn’s Festival, Music of the Epochs Festival, numerous concerts, cabarets and operettas.


The trail of graffiti is a result of an annual festival All Manifestations of Artistry. Every year within the framework of the event new murals are appearing in the city. Their content often refers to Duszniki-Zdroj’s symbols. Among others, there can be found an image of Fryderyk Chopin, well-known from the emblem of the city rooster, or daubs depicting different forms of mouflon. Street art once and for all has become part of the cultural character of the resort. It adds some dynamism and differentiates the resort from the other resorts.


Duszniki-Zdroj can positively surprise with its impressive number of musical events, which have permanently received a place in the cultural calendar of the city. The International Chopin Festival, Music of the Epochs Festival, May with an old music, Mendelssohn’s Festival, The Guitar Festival or The Festival of Teenagers Songs are only just a few among the events which have been annually organized in the city for a couple of years.


The aim of the festival All Manifestations of Artistry, which has been organized since 2004, is to promote any kind of art. Professionals, as well as the enthusiasts of art from the entire country and from the abroad take part in the event. An open formula of the festival promotes talents, which are not known to a wider group of people. The unique on the country’s scale climate of the event (the gallery, workshops, concerts) attracts hundreds of staunch fans every year to visit Duszniki-Zdroj.

The Calendar of Events

Duszniki-Zdroj is not only a significant sport centre; it is also an important place of regional cultural events. Numerous annual events and many special events fill the calendar up every year. These events include festivals, concerts, recitals, exhibitions, meetings, vernissages and many other events for the youngest, families with children, as well as the members of the older generations.

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