5 short trips around Duszniki-Zdrój

It often happens that we only have a bit of time, just half a day or so for a mountain trip or simply a walk. Thankfully, Duszniki itself as well as its direct vicinity has multiple options to spend only several hours in an interesting way.

Let’s assume that we have about 7-8 hours at our disposal and we may at this occasion use a car (although it is not a must). We are able to spend this amount of time in a very attractive way. The most important thing is to choose the type of trip we want to have: active, tourist or perhaps recreation with a hint of culture and history.


In the spirit of sport rivalry, getting on the bike!

If we wish to release ourselves from professional burdens, it is best to get on a bike and cycle from Duszniki-Zdrój to Zieleniec. We have two options- either we attact in in a traditional way-first via road no. 8, then turning to Sudetes Motorway (the winding roads and uphill ways will give you a hard time), or we cycle “through the bottom”, that is first via Wojska Polskiego street and then along the Bystrzyca Dusznicka river. Of course, nobody tells us to finish the trip in Zieleniec- if you give a kick at your pedals you may reach Lasówka and the Jagodna hostel which seems a great idea. A light dinner (oh the cuisine in the hostel is something indeed) and return via similar route (we may go one way via the top route and return via the bottom one also).

Either way-the trip is awesome, approx. 40 kilometres which we will feel in our legs, and some delicious sights and quite a lot of satisfaction. Nothing less, nothing more.


Slightly less hard core-with a backpack and along the mountain trail

Also in this case we have a lot of options, it is worth it to think about what we care for most. Will this be a depth of Sudeten sights or a quietness among wild nature of Bystrzyckie Mountains? Or perhaps we would like a bit more adrenaline and wandering about in the depth of the labyrinths of Stołowe Mountains? It is possible to plan the trip in all these places which may very well end in several hours if, of course, we have no more time than that).

In order though to stay in administrative borders of the city (or almost there), we recommend a trail marked by the nearby mountain hostels- Pod Muflonem, Orlica and Masarykovaa Chata. The trip is rather not too demanding and during it we get to visit some picturesque spots the history of which reaches back to the pre-war times. The sole institution of mountain hostel is quite fascinating, which is visible in particular in the Sudeten hostels. Almost all of those located in our mountains were created long before the outbreak of the 2nd World War and they have been slowly returning to their former greatness.

On the way to the Zieleniec Orlica you must stop at the peatbog nearby Zieleniec-a unique place, outstanding and one and only. The surrounding quietness and wild nature give a true chance to cut away from everyday worries and a possibility of effective relaxation. Lunch in Masarykova (the food!), return via the same or slightly modified route (via Graniczna and Pogórze or Jamrozowa Polana).


Walk around Duszniki

On a Sunday, having had a couple of actively spent days, we do not have to keep going the hard way on mountain trails or roads. There’s so much more to life than cycling or hiking.

A walk in the streets of a lovely town may also be a nice and not too tiring form of spending free time. It is worth to start it at the Paper Museum, moving subsequently to the Duszniki townhouses. Many of them are monuments and architectural pearls. The afternoon coffee at one of many café’s located in the city or perhaps a light lunch, a visit to the Chopin’s manor (we may even get a chance to witness an interesting concert) and the day might be considered as a really exciting one.

With history at the background

Another proposal of a trip is designated for history lovers of the Duszniki area. As barely any geographic area of Poland, Lower Silesia is the most extraordinary region in this regard. This time, we would like to recommend a morning escapade with most unique attractions-train stations and ruins of medieval castle.

We start our adventure by walking up the picturesque train station Duszniki-Zdrój. It is worth it to read a little bit about the origins of the station in this region-especially about the Kłodzko-Kudowa Zdrój connection (1905 year!) and its later, uniquely vivid history. It’s enough to say that it has been in operations in its current shape only from 2013.

The second station and a very interesting object are located in Kulin Kłodzki, towards which red trail leads from Duszniii. Aside from an already closed train station (even though a train station is probably too much for the name- trains do stop here though) another tunnel is located-architectural pearl with a length of 577 meters. But that is not all. Also ruins of Medieval Homole castle may be found by the route from Duszniki to Kulin (its beginnings reach back to the XIII century).

On our way we will need to reach the highest peak of Lewińskie Hills– Grodziec (Grodczyn, 803m), and to make the trip complete with one other attraction-we may return to Duszniki via train-the route is really significant. It is worth it of course to take a look at the train timetable since during the day not many of them are on schedule.


Keep going…

Plans are plans. Sometimes it is worth it to plan nothing at all. Go outside, look at the four directions and select one which we like most. Duszniki guarantee that whichever direction we chose, going straight ahead of us will take us to a unique place. Expect the unexpected, dear tourist!